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all shipments at a glance


all shipments at a glance

We ship like clockwork!
With shippingNET, THE logistics software from Austria

Shipping has never been so easy! shippingNET ensures smooth shipping and control of your shipments. One software for everything: handover to freight forwarders or CEP service providers and shipping monitoring. shippingNET has sleek user guidance for optimal support and intuitive flow of your daily work. PLUS: Precise and clear presentation of all required information.

Your benefits when it comes to your shipment

  • Shipment registration
  • Shipment tracking
  • Status overview
  • Status logic
  • Current shipment position
  • Integrated alarm system

All shipments at a glance

The shipment manager lets you can record and track your shipments. The sophisticated status logic shows the status and current position of every shipment at a glance.
The integrated alarm system proactively reports problems such as obstacles to delivery or refusal to accept a shipment.

More than 100 connected
CEP service providers & freight forwarders

During the registration process, shippingNET determines the optimal logistics service provider based on the destination, shipment characteristics and required delivery date. shippingNET has certified interfaces for order transmission, label creation and status feedback. The current list of supported shipping partners can be found here.

Your benefits in detail

Convenient shipment entry

Essential information, such as numbers, references, responsible department, parties involved (sender, recipient, loading points, etc.) and selected shipping partners can be found clearly grouped on the first tab. The system guides the user interactively and immediately checks all entries.

Modular structure and configuration

All relevant fields are clearly displayed and the flexible mask configuration allows you to adapt them to your business transaction needs. Edit mode allows you to show or hide fields. shippingNET offers you the option of defining several views per screen. You can use this to clearly prepare the appropriate information for every business case. The availability of the views can be activated separately for each department. With plug-ins specially developed for you, shippingNET can access and import data from existing IT systems, thus avoiding multiple entries of address or order data.

Integration of additional information

shippingNET offers you entry options for all necessary additional information such as

  • Delivery terms
  • Customs information
  • Goods values
  • Insurance information
  • Additional services
  • Accompanying documents
  • Return information

In addition, you can also define dynamic fields to map project-specific special processes.

Parcels and items

Any number of parcels or items can be recorded for each shipment. You can enter specific dimensions, weight, references, dangerous goods data, etc. for each parcel/item. Special shipping stations support the pre-recording of parcels with barcode scanners and subsequent assignment to shipments.

Shipping station

You can record parcels quickly and easily using the shipping station. You can perform an initial search for existing shipments or recipients. In addition, you can access external data sources, i.e. if shipment header data (sender, recipient, freighter information, etc.) is already in another system, e.g. in another database, then these can be loaded directly into the mask. This mask was primarily designed for use in a hall at a packing table to quickly add missing parcel information to existing shipments.

Shipping labels and business documents

The shipping labels are created according to the specifications of the logistics partners and can be adapted to your wishes or customer requirements. shippingNET also prints all necessary business documents such as:

  • CMR
  • Delivery notes
  • Pickup slips
  • ADR accompanying documents
  • Customs declarations
  • Return labels
  • Folders

Automatic print jobs can be defined via the integrated printer control.

Shipment tracking – track & trace

All events are fully documented, from recording or import to completion. Status information is logged at shipment and parcel level. In addition to the date and the recording user, the GPS data is also logged, if available. The tracking information of your shipping partners is imported into shippingNET and displayed in a standardized way so that you have all information available at all times, regardless of the carrier. At the end of a successful delivery there is a delivery receipt signed by the recipient, which can be called up at any time in shippingNET. If you have your own fleet, you can use the shippingNET delivery app to report the statuses immediately and transmit the electronic delivery confirmation in real time.

Scheduling view, calendar & daily closing

Schedule your shipments in a clearly arranged calendar. Shipments are already pre-scheduled on the basis of automatic routing. You can move entire transports or individual shipments with drag & drop. As always, you will be informed about the current status of your transports by means of clear icons. You can also create all the transport documents for your outgoing grouped transport from here. The shippingNET transport module provides you with additional functions such as route and fleet optimization.


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